George Wood Movie’s purpose is to create a a feature film based on the life of anti-Nazi whistle-blower and spy, Fritz Kolbe. 

Whilst the events of his story took place decades ago, the role of whistle-blowers is as poignant as ever.

GWM controls various intellectual property related to the film including the book, Fritz Kolbe: Un espion au coeur du IIIe Reich by Lucas Delattre, published by Denoël in Paris in 2003. GWM is actively seeking partners in production, directing, financing and distribution.

GWM was incorporated in September 2012.


GWM's directors and shareholders

James McCormac is Company Director, Company Secretary and shareholder of GWM and lives in the UK (London and Bath). Until recently he was a Management Board Director of TNT Express Worldwide running businesses with turnover in excess of £1 billion and 30,000 staff. In 2013 he left TNT for different opportunities including creative projects such as  GWM.

Karin Kolbe is a Company Director and shareholder of GWM, and daughter of Fritz Kolbe's only child, Peter. Her first career was in Information Technology in Sydney as Designer, Project Manager and Methodology Consultant. From Byron Bay Australia she then published and marketed worldwide books about children and art, participated in local politics, and produced and presented a weekly radio show The Spin Cycle. She’s now based in Berlin.

Graham Bassett is a Company Director of GWM and a barrister working in the area of crime and intellectual property. He also lectures at university in Cyberlaw and was, until recently relocating to Berlin, a court appointed commercial mediator, as well as a member of a tribunal hearing civil disputes in New South Wales.




Lucas Delattre is the author of the 2003 biography Fritz Kolbe: Un espion au coeur du IIIe Reich. 

Denoël Publishing is the publisher of Lucas' book and is based in Paris.